Portable Welding Accessories

Portable Spot Welding

Portable Welding Accessories

Through heating and pressing the welding spot for several minutes, portable spot welding machinery is able to bond multiple metal sheets permanently through heating. The term spot in this welding technique refers to the central welding area where the intense heat and pressure applied are felt. Spot welding, which is sometimes called universal spot welding or resistance spot welding is a kind of direct electrical resistance welding. The term tig weld in this technique denotes the filler wire that is fed through a tungsten electrode. Welding is achieved with the aid of tig consumables, which help in controlling the temperature at which the arc is formed.

The typical construction of a portable spot welding machine is a portable input and output (I/O) panel having a condenser and a single or two-stage coil. A condenser has the ability to lower the input voltage so that it is within the permissible level for operating a single phase amp. The second stage in most of these units is a variable resistor that controls the rate of the induction current. It controls the current through a short circuit secondary ampere. The final stage is a tungsten or other electrode that imparts the required welding power.

Portable spot welder machines are suitable for welding different kinds of metals like steel, aluminum, brass, tin, copper, zinc and stainless steel. These are usually used in applications where the welder has to be mobile to compensate for wind or other weather conditions. They have a flexible band strip that allows them to be placed in a position where they meet all the required conductors with only a small gap. When welding with a shielded lead wire, the portable welding machine imparts its welding power through a wire feed. Portable welders also feature a unique self-cleaning mechanism that ensures that they maintain a free weld even during long usage. Most of the welds include a feed mechanism that ensures that the weld puddle does not form.

Portable welding units include a variable voltage safety valve that controls the electrode current. The variable voltage safety valve is designed to limit the electrode current at the outlet of the welder while simultaneously protecting the weld puddle from damage. It works by automatically closing the venturi valve if the current passes through one of its electrodes. This feature prevents overheating of both the weld puddle and the electrode. The maximum load level is set at either zero or infinity.

A welding machine consists of a host of accessories including a power unit, a battery pack, a welding torch, a welder and protective gear like gloves and a face mask. The power unit is typically built into the frame of the portable welder while the battery pack is placed conveniently on the side or top of the unit. An LED light is used to view the weld puddle while in use. The battery pack is attached to the portable welder via a USB cable and to the cigarette lighter of the welder via a traditional male connector.

Some of the more sophisticated welders in the market include a mop head that includes a built-in LED light and a rotary control for the torch. The mop head also includes a plug that allows the welder to attach the weld gun to a work surface. This type of accessory, a mop head, also comes with a self-cleaning mechanism to eliminate residual algae and rust accumulation. The nickel-plated mop heads available in the market are usually compatible with most portable welder kits including the Mop Head Lite from Stainless Steel Works.