Spot Welding Gun – Metal Injection & Shielding

Spot Welding Gun

Spot Welding Gun – Metal Injection & Shielding

Spot Welding guns are designed to fit right under the work piece. The difference between this type and a “trigger” weld is that in a trigger gun with the barrel must be touching the work surface to keep a continuous arc; while in a spot welding gun the gun has no barrel to touch the work surface to maintain an arc. There are numerous different types of spot weld guns currently available, both the direct acting and the X-type, the latter usually called “Scissors” or even “Pincer” guns. Spot Welding guns can be either gas operated or electric operated. Gas operated guns tend to be less accurate than the electric types, but are more economical.

There are several benefits to using spot welding guns. The first is for automotive manufacturers. In the past it has been extremely difficult for automobile manufacturers to manufacture a car that was completely automated. Nowadays all the cars that are built are complete sets of machinery, which means that the manufacturing process is a relatively simple one: all the work pieces are welded together, followed by the critical testing and inspection. Automobile industry experts have found this system extremely efficient, as it eliminates a lot of human error.

There is another major benefit to using a spot welding gun other than simply eliminating the human error factor. If you look at the internal design of the welding equipment, you will see that the metal and filler rod actually come in separate pieces when the machine heats up, or warms down. This means that once the filler rod cools, and it is in its proper place, the metal will be joined. When the parts are joined, there is not much room for human error. This is why auto manufacturers choose to use a welding machine with spot welding capabilities.

Spot welding guns are particularly advantageous to the automobile industry because of how they can use a variety of the same material to create a huge variety of parts. You can use the same wire diameter, the same gauge, the same bend radius, the same angle of break and a whole host of other things. With these robots it is possible to create anything that you need, in the exact specifications that you require. This makes the entire process much more efficient for automobile industry experts.

If you think that the simplicity of the spot welding gun might be a concern, think again. A spot welder is designed specifically to weld two pieces of metal together with very little in the way of extra parts. This means that the spot welder is extremely easy to use, and produces very professional looking welds. These welds are also very accurate, making it easier than ever before to weld on both flat and curved surfaces.

The final point that we are going to cover is the difference between a spot welding gun and a flex gun. While the spot welder has been around for decades, the flexion is actually only about ten years old. It is essentially the metal equivalent of a personal computer with its sleek form and powerful motor. Its high cycle time combined with its intuitive control make the flexion an incredibly versatile welding tool.