Automatic Spot Welding Equipment For Your Automotive Welding Shop

Automatic Spot Welding equipment

Automatic Spot Welding Equipment For Your Automotive Welding Shop

Automatic spot welders protect your welded work piece from the possibility of sparks during welding and from the possibility of the heat being absorbed by your welded work piece. These welders are also referred to as spot welders or line welders. The weld is completed in a similar way to a hand held electric arc. The welds are automatically monitored and controlled with the touch of a switch. This automatic welders are essential for shops and manufacturing where there is frequent welding activity.

The following tips on your work piece are appropriately protected against the potential arc produced by your automatic spot welding equipment tumbler. The tumbler should always be welded straight onto the work piece without deflecting or rocking back and forth. Also make certain that the weld is aimed directly at the center of the tumbler and not the surrounding region since you don’t want the arc to strike the other side of the automatic spot welding equipment tumbler. Your tip should be slightly over the weld and slightly below the weld tolerance. Any space between the weld and the tumbler is considered an open-zone.

There are two types of electrodes to choose from when using automatic spot welding equipment. One type of electrode is known as the contact electrode. This type of electrode is most commonly used with flux cored welding electrodes. The other common type of electrode is known as the shielding electrode. This type of electrode is only used with non-flux cored electrodes. The two types of electrodes must be carefully matched to your specific welding situation.

When welding in a puddle, it is important to use both types of electrodes. If one type of electrode is used, then more power is required to complete the welds. The reason for this is because the conductors with the threaded ends are placed in the puddle. The higher the wattage of the bulb the larger the amount of energy necessary to heat both ends of the threaded electrodes. This increased energy requirement results in a larger overall heat signature for your automatic spot welding equipment system.

Flux cored electrodes are available in many different types including bipolar, tri-iodide, and alternating current. It is best to try a few different types of the different types of electrodes before you purchase an automatic spot welding equipment system for your operation. You may want to try a couple of different configurations until you find the right combination that produces cleaner welds. Try different voltage settings and different wattage of bulbs until you find the best combination. Once you have found the combination that works best, then you are ready to make your purchase.

One word of caution if you are working with two types of electrodes, make sure the electrodes are grounded. If they are not grounded, then you could electrocute yourself or the welds will not hold. You also want to be careful when you are operating the welders because if the user is not comfortable holding the electrodes tight enough to hold them in place, then they may not be holding tightly enough to prevent warping. Working with two types of electrodes and selecting the one that provides the best welds may require you to purchase two automatic spot welding equipment systems.