Different Kinds of Portable Spot Welding Machines

A portable spot welding machine, sometimes called portable friction welders or portable friction spot welders, is used for welding permanently bind two or more pieces of metal together. These cold work methods include but are not limited to welding, brazing, friction and gas tungsten arc welding. Portable welders are known for its portability, light weight and flexibility when compared to other welding processes. Welding machines that use the welding process typically use this type of welding equipment. Other types of welders include plate, stick welders. Portable welders are mainly used in the welding industry as they are most preferred for performing welding jobs due to their ease of use and the flexibility when compared to other welding processes.

There are different types of portable welding guns. One of the most common types is the MIG welder gun which is often portable and is generally of gas fueled. The other one is the TIG welder gun and is a less common type of welding equipment. However, both of them are used widely and are widely popular. The MIG welding guns and TIG welding guns have the ability to weld thicker materials than stick welders. MIG welding guns use a smaller welding tip than TIG welding guns which result in more accurate welds.

Another important aspect when selecting portable spot welding machines is its portability and suitability to the job at hand. Welding gun should be easily portable enough to carry the welding spot from one place to another while being equally powerful to stand up to tough work conditions. It should also be lightweight to allow a welder to perform more tasks with ease while still maintaining a good carrying weight. Welding gun should also be able to operate in extreme working conditions by overcoming extreme heat, corrosive agents and even smoldering metals.

When selecting your welding equipment you should look for the following features: the rod attachment, electrodes, voltage and amperage requirements, power requirements and the type of welding situations it can handle. The rod attachments are important to attach to metal sheets and rods. The amperage requirement refers to the amount of current needed to operate the welder. The voltage needs refer to the electrical power needed to operate the welding spot welding machines. And finally the type of welding situation refers to the conditions such as gas welding and electrical welding that the machine should be able to handle.

Some of the most common types of welding are: tig welding, stainless steel, aluminum, steel and carbon steel. With the welding, the most commonly used material to produce steel is mild steel is used because of its high resistance to heat. Alumina is a common filler for stainless steel and it is the second hardest metal known to man after platinum. The aluminum portable spot welding machines are also widely used because of their low cost and excellent weld properties. The main weakness of this metal is that it is susceptible to fatigue and stress corrosion.

The final metal sheet used in the tig welder is the carbon steel and this is because it is the weakest of the metals and it can easily be welded without the use of flux. The welds produced by the carbon steel are consistent and do not wear easily. Carbon steels are usually used in automatic welding because they produce more uniform welds and are low maintenance. There are some disadvantages to using carbon steels though. They tend to expand if exposed to extreme temperatures and this can cause the weld puddle to form which can significantly decrease the overall weld quality.