An Automatic Spot Welding Machine – Overview

Automatic Spot Welding equipment

An Automatic Spot Welding Machine – Overview

Automatic Spot Welding equipment is used widely by Auto Body shops, Custom Auto Body paint booths, Custom Auto Body Repair shops and Mobile Auto Body Shops to fabricate or repair various parts and components of the cars. This piece of welding equipment is very handy and can be used to repair any component of a car. Most of the Auto Body shops use this kind of welding equipment as they produce high quality welds and do not have problems with overtime, high temperatures etc. There are lots of companies that import this type of welding equipment from China.

The price of Professional Car Body Repair Equipment Automatic Spot Welding Equipment in China depends on the order quantity. Hangzhou Fosn Precision Tools Co., Ltd produces flexible pricing options for Body Repair Equipment based on the imported number and welding standards of the customer. The pricing is usually similar to that of the West Coast Wiring and Electric Company. The welding methods used by the Company are based on traditional principles of sticking, tapping, pressing and popping. In addition to these methods, various automatic welding processes are also used for customizing equipment such as automatic spot welding electrodes, automatic mixing and tucking, etc.

Most of the Auto Body shops and Custom Auto Body Shops utilize the FOSW Electrode Feed system for welding. This feed system uses a combination of the nickel strip feeding mechanism, metal feeding pins, manual tension adjustment and heat shielding. In case of high-end automatic spot welding equipment manufactured by Hangzhou Fosn Precision Tools Co., Ltd., the feed process is accomplished by the utilization of a high-powered welding torch. The torch is placed in the center of the welding area while manually turning the adjustable feeding mechanism.

The T-die is another important component of automatic spot welding system. The T-die consists of a wire coil positioned above the weld puddle. The main function of this coil is to supply electrical energy needed for melting the base metal electrodes. Various types of electrodes are fed through the T-die and based upon the welding requirements, the metal or steel strip will be melted and fed through the electrical wiring feed.

The final stage of welding is the central aperture ring gear. In this stage, the electric arc produced by the torch is directed to the central aperture. If the weld puddle does not get sufficiently heated and/or cool quickly, then the arc will be deflected and it will either leak out into the working area or vent through a discharge hole located close to the welded area. If the arc is properly directed, then the hole should be sealed before the discharge. The central aperture is generally a small opening with a close-fitting, threaded end.

The last stage in an automatic spot welding machine is the cap collar. This collar holds the welded areas as they cool. Some types of automatic welding machines can have one or two cap collars while others can have as many as eight. The number and type of the cap collars will depend upon the type of machine and how many welded areas there are.