What Is A Direct Drive Rotary Table?

Direct Drive Rotary Table, also called a Rotary Table, is a type of rotary table usually used for the continuous motion that is many times much more accurate and fast than conventional rack and pinion rotary machines or face gear rotaries. Direct drive tables have a gear system that helps maintain the correct level of rotation for the user at any given time. It has two rows, one for the shaft and the other one for the gear assembly.

A rotary table is known as a “direct drive” table due to its unique design, which consists of two rows of gears that rotate together at high speed. This ensures that the rotation is constant. The gear mechanism is located at the center of the table with a shaft and ball mounted on a bearing. The bearing also acts as the contact area between the gear shaft and the ball.

In a direct drive rotary table, there is no need for a bearing because the ball rotates itself in its orbit which is known as the angular velocity. Thus it is also called as a true rotary table.

The main advantage of this table over other types is that it is more precise and faster to operate. The speed is determined by the speed of the motor. In addition, the gears of a rotary table are not directly mounted on the bearing unlike the gear assemblies found in other types of tables. These gears are mounted on the gear assembly where they can rotate at high speed. There are some tables however that also use a bearing as a contact area between the gear shaft and the ball.

Many of the most popular manufacturers of these types of tables include J.A. Henckels, Horst and Werner and Schwinn, just to name a few. These manufacturers also make a variety of accessories such as cases, wheels, stand mounts and other accessories such as stands.

The cost of purchasing and maintaining a direct drive rotary table can be very expensive as it is not made out of lightweight material which makes it easy to move around and also makes it more difficult to clean. because of its heavy construction. Therefore one should make sure that the table he or she is using is made from heavy duty plastic or steel as it is much cheaper to buy. and to have the table regularly serviced.