Which Type of CNC Index Tables Are Ideal For Your Workshop?

It is a requirement for all those who will be working with CNC machinery to make sure that their work station is fitted with quality CNC index tables. The main purpose of these tools is to take measurements, as well as to make note of the angles so as to produce a draw in time to be ready for the machine to operate.

There are a number of different types of tables to choose from when choosing which table to use in your workshop. They come in both manual and automatic versions. For manual models, the users will need to decide whether they would want to use it one on one or with others.

The tables available can be found in any size. Small ones are perfect for those who don’t require a lot of space or to have in their workshop. The standard size for an index table is 14″ diameter but even larger ones are available and can be used if the requirement is that the user has a specific work station. Other standard sizes are smaller too.

Automatic ones are also available but there are only a handful of them. There are two basic types, the free-standing and the wall mounted. The former works in the same way as the ones on display at industrial supply stores, only that they are placed at the end of the workshop or in a space for ease of access. The latter is placed in the corner of the room or the work area and can be linked to a power source.

Selecting the right table can be very important for those who intend to use the machinery in their workshop. With that in mind, it is also important to know what kind of workstation they will need. While it is usually fine to have a manual table in the corner of the room, there is nothing wrong with having it wall mounted or even on the table itself, if possible.

In most cases, those who intend to use CNC equipment in small office spaces or have a busy workshop should opt for the wall mounted ones. These can be placed in the wall, but depending on how much space you have may not be a good idea. For those with ample space though, the wall mounted ones are a better option as they are easier to install and have an increased workspace compared to the manual tables.

Regardless of where it is you are looking to place your CNC machine, there is a type table that can suit your needs. A wall mounted table, for example, is ideal for those who have small workshops. The manufacturer will have the specific dimensions you will need to work with in order to get the right fit.

If you’re looking for something more permanent in your workplace, there are also tables available for CNC machining. They are intended to be installed in specific areas of the workshop or the room, but can be put to different uses depending on the space you have available.